Are you planning for a long-haul flight? Just like you, no one likes being idle. There is nothing much you can do being in an aeroplane for ten long hours. You may try reading, watching movies, making friends or sleeping but still, you will find it hard to calm your nerves. You need something to make you relax and enjoy the flight. Most passenger aeroplanes do not outlaw alcohol consumption on board. You can find a bar to serve your drinks always. What are reasonable units you should take while travelling? Does altitude interfere with your alcoholic intake? The following four tips will help you learn how to consume alcohol while in an aeroplane.

1. There is no Set Limit

Technically speaking, there is no set limit on the number of drinks you can have when on air. The aeroplane pub is always open. The quantity of the drinks you should take is upon you. You must know how much alcohol your body can safely tolerate without becoming a bother to others. Do not exceed what is recommended. After all, you want to relax not to be drunk. Displaying anti-social behaviours and disturbing others will inevitably lead you to problems. Remember that, the majority of travellers do not drink when on air and there is a need to respect them.

2. Why is There Free Alcohol in Airplane?

All long distance airlines offer free alcohol to their passengers. It is a known fact that long distance aeroplanes do not make a lot of profit. They are always working on a budget and yet they offer free alcohol. If you investigate, you will realize that their aim is not to tranquillize you. Although this might have been the original reason why alcohol was introduced into flights, it does not apply today. Airlines serve alcohol to remain in business.

3. Laws Governing Alcohol in Airplanes

Governments have set rules to be observed as far as alcohol consumption is concerned in an aeroplane. Cabin crew can refuse to serve you alcohol if according to their assessment, you have had enough. The legal minimum age for drinking is as per the country in which the aeroplane is registered. Aeroplane pubs can remain open for 24 hours.

4. Can Altitude Affect Alcohol Consumption?

Many theories have emerged on the effect of altitude on alcohol consumption. Some say that you should take fewer units in a high altitude while others say you should consume more. There is no scientific proof that alcohol consumption has any effect on altitude.


If appropriately used, alcohol can be a perfect way to make that long trip enjoyable. The number of units to take while on air will depend on your ability to process alcohol. The cabin crew reserves the right to decide if you have had enough. The law is harsh on anyone who causes disturbance in an aeroplane on a flight due to alcohol consumption. These facts will help you to decide how much to take when on a long flight.